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Welcome to the Connective Leadership Institute!

The Connective Leadership Institute is a leadership development and research firm designed to address complex 21st century issues. Its mission is to provide leaders and organizations, globally and locally, with visionary, but pragmatic, research–based Connective Leadership™ programs and strategies for succeeding in a world where interdependent, but diverse, groups must co-exist productively. The Institute offers tested strategies for improving leadership practice, stimulating and implementing innovation and change, as well as coping with crises. The Institute offers a rigorously-developed portfolio of individual and organizational assessments to diagnose and resolve these issues. The Institute’s certification seminars train leadership development experts, organizational consultants, human resource specialists, executive coaches, academics, and professional leaders to utilize the Connective Leadership™ Model to improve leadership in organizations, communities, and countries worldwide. The Institute also provides individualized organizational consultations, executive seminars and coaching, as well as embedded certification seminars in select university graduate programs.



The CLI Office Hours
Monday – Friday | 9am – 5pm | US Eastern Time


CLI by the Numbers

Over 40 years of rigorous academic research has been conducted on the model.
Over 43,000 assessments have been collected, processed and analyzed.
The model originally went through 14 revisions of perfecting and fine-tuning.
Eight Assessment types based on the Achieving Styles Model are available.
Over 150 Certified Associates have been trained by CLI.
The Assessments have been translated into 19 foreign languages.
Certified Associates live and practice across 11 countries worldwide.
Assessment data have been collected from participants hailing from 133 different countries.

The CLI Team

The Connective Leadership Institute functions with a lean internal management team and a group of external associates, many of whom have engaged in Connective Leadership™ / Achieving Styles™ work since 1972.

These are the key players.

Prof. Jean Lipman-Blumen
Co-Founder, Connective Leadership Institute

Prof. Harold J. Leavitt
Co-Founder, Connective Leadership Institute

The CLI Co-Founders

Sounding Board

Advisory Board

Emeritus Board

  • Alan Ragains
  • Robert Fisher