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In today’s interconnected global society, Jean Lipman-Blumen’s visionary work is the ‘go to’ manual for leaders who seek to bring collaboration, cohesion and consensus in today’s fractured world.
Martha P. Farmer, Founding Director, Leadership America, a presentation of the Women's Museum
Connective Leadership is a valuable and timely approach to creatively mastering both the art and science of working together more successfully.
Regina Birdsell, President & CEO, Center for Nonprofit Management, Los Angeles, CA
I recommend Prof. Lipman-Blumen’s training for everybody who is dedicated to foster real life business success and who wants to improve leadership skills, following an approach that is based on sound scientific work.
Oliver F. Lehmann, Project Management Training, Munich, Germany
I participated in a Connective Leadership Development Program that worked with the seven Community Colleges in the University of Hawaii system. It was an extraordinary experience in that each campus had a different combination of attendees at the training session, and the time allowed varied from one campus to another. The best part of presenting the Achieving Styles Model and Inventories was adapting them to the individual needs of each audience. It was always exciting to know the clients understood the concepts, but it was even better to see them apply the theories to everyday situations. To this day, clients still express their gratitude.
Alan Ragains, Professor, University of Hawaii - Windward Community College
[Connective Leadership] “clearly demonstrates how leadership can be effective as situations vary; I feel better able to respond and adjust, building on and growing in my leadership capacity.”
Luis Marquez, PUENTE Learning Center
[Connective Leadership] “has significantly and positively influenced my understanding of how each of our connective leadership styles can combine with positive results.”
Bob Karcher, Para Los Niños
It had the greatest impact on me by increasing my understanding of my leadership strengths and weaknesses and how I fit within my organization.
Robert Contreras, Bienestar Human Services, Inc.
I learned from Connective Leadership “that all of the nine ‘Achieving Styles’ play a part in effective leadership. We should flow between styles depending on the situation. We should pay close attention to using styles we don’t usually use, to better our ability to adjust to situations.”
Booker Bledsoe, Behavioral Health Services