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Leadership Development Seminars from The Connective Leadership Institute

The Connective Leadership Institute presents certification seminars to train leadership development experts, organizational consultants, human resource specialists, executive coaches, and professional leaders to use the Connective Leadership™/Achieving Styles™ Models and the eight rigorously-designed and tested Connective Leadership™ Assessments. The Institute also provides tailor-made organizational consultations, executive seminars, and executive coaching.

These invitational Seminars are based on the concepts & instruments first presented in the Pulitzer Prize-nominated book, Connective Leadership: Managing in a Changing World.


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CLI’s leadership development training seminars will help you:

  • Identify the behaviors you currently use to achieve your goals
  • Discover powerful new ways to achieve those goals
  • Tap into your own ability to innovate
  • Improve your team-building skills
  • Develop new ways to resolve conflict
  • Learn the most effective leadership behaviors for the Connective Era
  • Recognize cues that suggest the most appropriate Achieving Styles™ for each situation
  • Relate your Achieving Styles™ Profile to the styles your organization rewards
  • Compare your Achieving Styles™ Profile with your colleagues’
  • Understand the profiles of the most dynamic leaders and executives

CLI provides leadership development seminars for:

  • Human resources professionals, organizational consultants, career counselors, executive coaches, personal counselors, and therapists, who wish to be certified to use the Connective Leadership™ and Achieving Styles™ Models and materials in their work with clients
  • Organizations interested in leadership evaluation and development, where custom-designed training and evaluation are conducted on site
  • Researchers, including Ph.D. students, who wish to be trained in the use of the Connective Leadership™ and Achieving Styles™ Models and assessments for research purposes
  • Individuals who wish to explore and expand their Connective Leadership™ capacities