CLI Leadership Development Advanced Training Seminar (ATS), January 11-12, 2016, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA

The Connective Leadership Institute presents certification seminars to train leadership development experts, organizational consultants, human resource specialists, executive coaches, and professional leaders to use the Connective Leadership™/Connective Leadership™ Models and the seven rigorously-designed and tested Connective Leadership™ Assessments. The Institute also provides tailor-made organizational consultations, executive seminars, and executive coaching.

CLI’s two-day Advanced Training Seminar (ATS) is designed to amplify knowledge acquired in the Certification Training Seminar (CTS) and enhance CLI Associates’ skills in implementing the Connective Leadership Development Program (CLDP).

After the ATS, CLI Associates will be even better prepared to maximize the far-reaching potential of the CLDP with clients and employees.

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The Connective Leadership Development Program (CLDP):

  • Increases Leadership Effectiveness
  • Improves the Fit Between Individuals & Organizations
  • Boosts Innovation & Productivity
  • Enhances Collaboration Within & Between Organizations
  • Encourages the Cultivation of “Hot Groups”
  • Enables Precise Diagnosis of Organizational Culture Issues

The Advanced Training Seminar (ATS) Includes:

  • Advanced Training in Interpreting Connective Leadership/Achieving Styles Inventory Results
  • Enhanced Learning through Case Studies across Various Sectors & Industries
  • New Applications of the Models and Inventories
  • Increasing Expertise with the CLI Associates’ Resource Center
  • Fulfilling Re-Certification Requirement for CLI Associates (CLI-CA)
  • Offering Continuing Education Units (CEU), if desired
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